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Fractional Ownership

US Business owners can purchase a fractional ownership in a specially designated 100% turnkey office space in Puerto Rico and pay lease to their own entity. 
This ensures a business write off in the US* as “ordinary and necessary” under IRC section 162 (a) and a tax-exempt income in Puerto Rico under Hacienda tax code law 7.
*Consult a tax advisor.

Tax Savings

The purchase of each office share condo is made from the tax savings realized from the proper structure of entities providing form and substance as offered by this special tax incentive law offered between USA and US territories since 1955.

Expected Return

Expected return for qualified Business owners is 20% to 50% per year in perpetuity.
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Cherif Medawar is a commercial real estate expert and entrepreneur who has been personally involved in dozens of different businesses, hundreds of real estate deals, thousands of stock market trades, and numerous other endeavors.

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With Office Share Condos, Cherif gives students, investors, entities, and high net worth individuals a powerful business investment model to make compounding returns for years to come.
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